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Interstate Garage Door Service has been in business long enough to understand the unique needs of our Riverside commercial clients. Garages for businesses are designed much differently than garages for homes. They tend to be heavier, oversized, and opened and closed many more times each day. That means commercial garage door parts wear out faster. This is one reason why we recommend routine inspections at least once every six months.

Commercial garage doors also need to have a more modern appearance than residential garage doors to project a positive image to the community. An outdated look may cause potential clients to assume that your business is behind the times as well. If you’re thinking about an upgrade, Interstate Garage Door Service is happy to go over all of our available options. We will help you choose the one that is aesthetically pleasing and provides maximum safety and security. 

Superior Products 

At Interstate Garage Door Service, our suppliers know that we have high standards for any product we allow to represent our company. No matter what you buy from us, we guarantee that it is made from high quality materials and is built with durability in mind. Not only do our suppliers check products for strength and safety, we do as well. If you should run into a problem with any of our company’s products not working as expected, just let us know. We will fix it or offer you a replacement.

We are always most concerned about safety when we repair a garage door or install a new one. However, we know that visual appeal is important as well. You won’t have to deal with peeling paint, moisture damage, and other problems that we often see in garage door companies in Riverside, RI. When you decide to purchase a new door from Interstate Garage Door Service, we provide you with nearly limitless choices in its appearance. We will go over the options in more detail during your consultation.